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  • Who is Chuck Spadina?
    Chuck Spadina is an inter dimensional warrior who travelled from dimension to dimension fighting the Great Bear. He faced the bear in 4199 worlds already and this is his 4200th face off against it. He was the only one to challenge the bear and defeat it.
    Chuck Spadina had a different appearance in each world, i.e. 4200 identities.

  • Who is The Bull?
    The Bull is personified form of the golden time of crypto and stock markets known as 'The Bull Run' or 'The Bull Market'.

  • Who is The Bear?
    The Bear is personified form of the downward slope of crypto and stock markets known as 'The Bear Run' or 'The Bear Market'.

  • How did this concept come to existence?
    The current NFT space is flowing with degen PFP projects that revolve around animals with no back or origin story. Due to this reason, a lot of projects are failing to grab anyone's attention. The artists behind this project wanted to bring a breathe of fresh air and something new to the NFT space. The personified characters in this story are relatable to each and every one of us who are in this space. So the team decided to bring the current situation of every investor's life in the form of this epic saga of 2 aspects of market. Hence, the concept of Chuck Spadina was born.


  • How many NFTs will be there in this collection?
    As the story depicts, this will be a 4.2K collection and include 4200 identities of Chuck Spadina from every dimension he visited.

  • Where will the collection release?
    Each of Chuck's 4200 identities will live on Solana blockchain and the project will release via Launch My NFT's launchpad.

  • Will there be any Whitelist spot?
    Yes, there will be 100 whitelist spots and will be given to 100 people.

  • What will be the price of each NFT?
    The prices are as follows : OGs - 0.1 sol, whitelists - 0.15 sol, public mint - 0.25 sol.

  • Is there any roadmap?
    There is a roadmap with lots to offer. once the project is live and public minting begins, a lot details will be released for future plans and upcoming projects and/or generations of existing project.

  • Where can someone contact us?
    We are available on Discord, Twitter and Instagram. The links are on top of home page. Just click on respective icons.

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