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Some time ago, there used to be a ruler of the markets called 'The Bull'. Such was his power and grace that every citizen in its kingdom prospered during its reign. Every man and woman at that time not only dreamed but actually lived the life of wealth and riches. People were happy and celebrated 'The Bull's' run every single day. 

But one day,a huge and notorious creature now known as 'The Bear' challenged The Bull to a face off. This was none other than 'The Great Bear'. Everyone had heard the rumors of existance of a bear capable of dethroning the riches to rags and bringing the prosperity of kingdoms to a halt. The bear is an inter dimensional wanderer who travels from one world to another consuming all the riches and wealth leaving behind a trail of devastation, infamy and poverty.

The faceoff was 'epic', as said by those who witnessed the full might of The Bull and The Great Bear. But, opposing to everyone's expectations, The Bull was defeated and dethroned by The Great Bear. Markets around the globe crashed in no time, losses accounted to billions and still counting. The Bull's run had finally ended. The Kingdom under The Bear's run was dreary and depressing. A lot of people were clinging to what they had and were forced to fight for their survival. No one was able to challenge the might of 'The Bear Run'.

As the days passed, a saviour appeared from vast stretches of multi dimensional worlds. 'Chuck Spadina', a fearless warrior who had already defeated the Bear in 4199 dimensions, had come chasing him to this 4200th world to take on him and revive The Bull's reign to bring back the days of glory.

The faceoff is about to begin. Lets rise with Chuck Spadina in this face off and bring back the glory days of 'Bull Run'.

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